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Sunday Worship 10.30 am
2nd Sunday evening service 6.00 pm
Wednesday 12-2pm lunch & fellowship

Stratton on Fosse, BA3 4RW
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Norton Down Methodist Church (referred to by a Minister as the little gem) was opened on October 19th 1888.

However, the Wesleyan Society had been meeting in the 16-18 cottages or a room at the Whitepost Inn (almost opposite the Church) since December 1872.

During those early days, menfolk in the small community worked

in the coalmines or on the land belonging to the Beauchamp family.The Beauchamp’s were the most powerful group of Somerset Colliery and land owners in the area. The family lived in Norton House, which William Beauchamp enlarged and named Norton Hall.

Various stories exist regarding the decision by William Beauchamp to donate land and money for the building of a Methodist Church for his workers. The design of the Church is also unsure but rumour has it that is was so designed to allow Anglican worship at the East end in the mornings and the Wesleyan (Mission type) at the West end in the evenings (probably!)

During the past 60 years, mines have closed; Norton Hall was demolished and replaced with new buildings. With increasing traffic flow, the crossroads (where the B3139 meets the A367) beside the church became dangerous. This resulted in the building of a new roundabout that raised the level of the road. The old road was left around the church that we are now able to use for parking!

Changes to the interior of the building over the years included the introduction of electric lighting, and central heating and more recent the creation of inside toilet blocks and a ‘secret kitchen’. Present projects are

 underway with the development of the large piece of land beside the church into a ‘peace garden’. Its uses will be many, including photographs for the many weddings that take place at the church.

Inside the building we intend to re decorate.

Mission and outreach is a very important part of life at Norton Down. The Norton Down Africa Fund Charity was founded in 2005 and was officially registered by the Charities commission in October 2006. The fund supports education and health projects for the benefit of young people and their local communities in Africa.

More information can be found on the web site (Link below)

At home, the Church is open every Wednesday lunchtime from 12-2pm when Bacon Rolls, Soup and home made cake is served. This gives an opportunity for passing visitors as well as members to enjoy a fellowship time.

Norton Down Methodist Church became part of the Frome circuit in September 2008 when Rev. Roly Sims (a local lad!) became our Minister. 

Since that time we have noticed a considerable upturn in support for Norton Down and now we look forward to even more exciting times ahead when we become part of the Somerset Mendip Circuit.  


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Norton Down is a popular Church
for Weddings and Baptisms